#103 Magic Carpet Flight

June 15, 2018
A fancy transport with fancy features for a fancy guy on a fancy quest.

Gheralf says:

You may be wondering, what separates a “magic” carpet from a “flying” one? Well, from what we can tell from seeing the Aviatar’s:

1. Magic carpet has comfy chairs.
2. And a cargo hold.

I tried to peek in but I couldn’t quite figure out what the things inside the cargo hold were, but I can tell you the place was exceedingly spacious!

The Aviatar is also told to travel by other wonderous transports, things such as a “lighter-than-air device” and something called a “free-gate”. I wonder if he will show them to us!


Vayandil says:

As stressful as encountering the greater owls once again is, on a positive side I get to draw them more! (They were featured in comic #8.) Each individual looks a bit different – especially by their tufts and face markings – and I get to learn new details every moment. Yes, their scrutinizing stare is a bit uncomfortable, but nowhere near the terrorizing pierce of that beast in comic #98, so we can handle it. Somewhat.