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Illustration of an owl person pinning a paper note on a wall absolutely full of notes.

Stately Tower

Inhabitants: Lord of the Realm, Lord's Delegate, Das Attendant, Lordish Secretary

This popular tourist spot stands smack middle in the center of the city of Buffet. Climbing to the top can take days or even weeks. The tower contains many things, including inns, snack stops, apartments, complicated pathways, abandoned chicks and portals to nether realms.

On the top, visitors are engaged in a constant battle for the crown, cape and throne. Possessing them marks that individual as the benevolent Lord of the Realm, at least for a moment. Here also lies Das Law, the single tome that houses all rules and laws that affect the city.

Illustration of owl people walking between houses connected by wooden beams.

Inner City

Inhabitants: the lofty.

These buildings are home to the elusive lofty who live far above the other inhabitants of the city. Their houses rise ever higher and are connected to each other by logways.

Not much is known about the modern lofty, aside from their strange obsession with work, owning as little as possible and viewing material possessions as an unnecessary burden. Their separation from the common folk, back when they were still known as “workbirds”, is somewhat well documented.

Illustration of an owl guard chasing a child owl, with the childs' parent running after the guard and throwing stones at him.

Outer city

Inhabitants: the medians.

Home to every average Steve of the city, bustling with commerce and trade and every average and normal thing imaginable. Here you can find blacksmiths, glup establishments, snack shops, artists, curiosity shops, puff gyms, paper-makers, mail services and many others.

The people also have many holidays and sporty events such as boot hurling, prize fighting and ice-breaking. There is also a mysterious crime-fighter running around with his troupe.

Illustration of three bird characters sitting absent-mindedly in a cobweb filled room.

Gheralf & Vayandil's house

Inhabitants: Gheralf, Vayandil, Cacko, Big Sis, AD Moslo.

House of the revered reporters who run this site and the comic on it. Their household has seen some changes lately: first a giant spider moved in, then the reporters brought in a thoroughly traumatised individual, and finally a tenacious sleepwalker that can’t recognise a wall from a door decided to visit.

Illustration of shaggy owl people running around and cleaning up their neighbourhood.


Inhabitants: the hobos.

The hobos need a place to live and play their card games.

Illustration of a nightly scene at a stone shrine. Giant owl resting with an owlet on her head in the foreground.

Puny Swamp

Inhabitants: purple-beaks; also greater owls.

The nearby forest swamp surrounds most of Buffet. The place is a source of food in the form of berries, plants and banana farms, and is home to many animals. A few specific parts of the swamp are vigorously protected by the greater owls. Despite that, some people actually live here since it is conveniently quite close to the city.

Owl character climbing a trecherous volcano.

Active Volcano

Inhabitants: magma carp.

Despite being quite active, the volcano’s dangerous elements stray clear of the city’s direction. The area is inhabited by a plethora of fauna, such as lizards and other scale-beasts of various sizes and fire-burping pigeons.

Owl character climbing a trecherous volcano.

Twisted Keep

Inhabitants: Witch High Hat, Beast Lord, Keeptender, Lord of Quarrel.

A giant, twisting keep that lies behind the Active Volcano. The keep is guarded by ground level encampments. Its airspace is defended by a sophisticated magical machinery known as old lady Witch High Hat. The convoluted passageways of the keep are comparable to those of the Stately Tower in Buffet.

The keep is home to many strange creatures such as doppelgangers, tiny magi and obnoxious hint givers. There are also many lords (not to be confused with Lord of the Realm, who resides in Stately Tower), such as the Beast Lord, Keeptender and Lord of Quarrel. Some of the keep’s lords command minions to do their bidding and spend their time on territorial squabbles.

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