#382 A Ride Down

October 13, 2023
Let’s interrogate Smugastut and then mount him.


Having finished eating his cookie, Sharpie the detective stands up as he addresses Smugastut the guard behind him. Tuple the guard is also there.
Sharpie: “Smugastut, get over here.”
Smugastut: “What’s up, Sharpie?”

High angle shot of Sharpie looking at Smugastut who has come closer.
Sharpie: “You’ve gone up and down the tower many times, right?”
Smugastut: “Yeah, I’ve been doing gofering for years, like everyone else.”
Sharpie: “How’s yer feet? Any injuries lately?”
Smugastut: “Nope. I’m healthy as a duck.”
Sharpie: “If you had to run down the tower carrying the equivalent of ten and a half sticks right now, could ya do it?”
Smugastut: “I just had a great nap, so definitely.”
Sharpie: “Good. Take off your hat.”
Smugastut: “Yessir.”

As Smugastut puts down their hat, small Sharpie jumps to stand on the guard's shoulders. They ride with speed out of the scene as Tuple watches on.
Sharpie: “Now, take me down the tower.”
Smugastut: “Das Law is word!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Sharpie plans to take matters into his own hands.

And here I am, shaking in my boots.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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