#372 A Way Into the Floor

August 4, 2023
These guys want to get out. These other guys want to get in. It’s a win-win.


Stygian Lord kneeled beside a crumpled piece of a black stone slab. He is holding a piece of black rock in his hand. His black-cloaked lackeys drop more pieces of black rock into a pile on the floor, from a multi-pocketed utility vest. The rocks are so heavy that they break the wooden floor a bit as they land.
Top Hat: “They’ve begun unloading their stuff! It sounds like a whole bunch of heavy rocks!”

Another black-cloaked individual whacking a stone tile wall with a foldable pickaxe. Another revolutionist stands nearby, waiting their turn to use their pickaxe.
Top Hat: “Another group’s started to chip away at the opposite wall! Right where the bypass is!”
Sharpie: “So that’s how they plan to get out.”

Lots of guards running down multiple crossing stairs. Oddly enough, the last flight of stairs goes upwards. A spy emerges from under one of the stepping stones, tripping an unfortunate guard.
Sharpie: “We can give ‘em a lil’ surprise. Send message to Team 1:
Protocol #169. Location: wooden bypass. And also:
Protocol #149. Item: hammer. Amount: one. Usage: wall-breakery.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

We do need to get out of this room/floor at some point.

Might as well have DLEP help us with that.