#107 After the Third Cycle

July 13, 2018
 It's time to make many greater owls very happy by finally hauling ourselves out of their turf.


zzZZzzzZzz ...please, Piff… not the beanie… too hot… yesterday’s banana tree approaching… noooo…

Huh!? What!? Garlic! ...and whatever that other thing is!

The shrine has been conquered. The Aviatar says he has become versed in the art of “moderated binging” and “intermittent fasting”.
Sounds good! Now, to home! To Buffet!


Gheralf says:

I am not entirely sure, but considering our sudden wake-up and the garlics (and those other things!), I believe the Aviatar used some kind of a “spell”!

He is known to master quite a bunch of these “spells”, ranging from simple things like healing bruises to crazy feats like animating lifeless objects and conjuring food out of thin air.

He actually showed us some of the crazy foodstuff he has. Perhaps we can introduce some of them to you later!


Vayandil says:

However long that “three cycles” was, it certainly invigorated body and the mind! And finally we have something worth of making a comic about – the final stretch of getting home. Wait, why did I draw the corner so black..?