#2 Age of Contemplated Balding

June 24, 2016
These people have some crazy trends.


Legends speak of a time when it was fashionable to pluck all feathers from your body. This however, made people very, very cold.

The Scholar-pioneers got tired of complaints that wasted their valuable time. So they invented a fabulous thing they called “the clothing”! This made everybody shut up for a while.

At some point, people realized that feather-plucking was both foolish and very painful. So they stopped doing that.
Clothing, however, remained. Only few minorities in the realm still boycott clothing as a tradition. People also started wearing boots to protect their feet from earthly hazards.

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Vayandil says:

I did not manage to find any illustrations of the time depicting this weird trend, so I used a bit of artistic freedom drawing the comic. The scholar-pioneers' single tuft, tied with rope, however, is historically accurate. Even today they still use it to identify their group from everyone else.

I think the second panel is getting closer to what I want these comics to be: filled with tiny happenings that come together to depict a whole event. And also not taking too much time to draw, but has enough lines to emphasize important parts.


Gheralf says:

Clothing is a nice invention, but you know what’s even better? Pockets! No longer would you have to take a whole bag with you to carry small stuff, or lug things with your hands.

Trends are a terrible thing! They are always advertised as something fancy and good for you, but many times end up being just foolish flab-gaggery!

Also, we did find some documents claiming increased bird population during the time this trend was popular. We assume this was due to birds using our feathers as nest-building material. I guess some good things did result from the cold Age of Feather-pluckeryery.