#355 Allocation Bins

April 7, 2023
These bins used for allocating funds are called allocation bins.


Das Attendant and Lordish Secretary pass by metallic money allocation bins. Sing above the bin says: “DLEP”.
Das Attendant: “This is a special case, so we get to plead our pay from the Delegate!”

Lordish Secretary and Das Attendant have arrived at the door of the Lord’s Delegate. The secretary starts opening the three locks on the door with her key. There is also a message board on the door, as well as lots of notes on the board. A lot of notes have fallen onto the floor.
Lordish Secretary: “Eh wot, I’ll open up the door then. Coming in, old fogies!”
Sign on the door: “Make a wish”.
Notes below the sign: “I need money. Snacks, please. Can I wish for anything?”
Tip jar below the notes: “Elevator”.

The secretary is on her hands and knees, keying the lowest lock. Das Attendant takes a look at the four money allocation bins that are in a row along the wall. Signs over each money allocation bin, from left to right, read: Medical, Infrastructure, Tower, DLEP. The Medical bin is completely empty, Infrastructure bin contains a little bit of money, Tower bin is half full and DLEP bin is completely full.
Lordish Secretary: “Any moment now! Locks are a bit rusty!”
Das Attendant: “I still wonder why DLEP gets all the money. The bins have been like this for a long time.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

As you can see, DLEP receives a lot of funding.

Just one of the many things that requires fixing.