#126 Attack on Jollyhoot

November 23, 2018
It’s not as much of an attack as it is the end of everything people used to hold dear.


In this Age of Jollyhootery, more nightly “workbirds” popped up to compromise everyone’s jollyhoot life! So our ancestors turned to local trouble-solving services for help.

Times were simple back then; the Peacemongers just chiselled down your worries, then hid them among other reports (to be later ceremonially burned). You also got to enjoy a complimentary all-you-can-gulp service!

But alas, ceremonial flames could not vanquish the workbirds, who just kept multiplying. And so did the complainers.



Gheralf says:

The Peacemonger fellows appear to be predecessors to DLEP. With all the reports they had to fill out, I can understand why DLEP makes people fill their forms for them.


Vayandil says:

Believe it or not, this workbird problem was the first to expose flaws in the Peacemongers’ system – as far as we know at the moment, anyway. Nevertheless, according to the info we have managed to find, the system did work at some point in time, because problems back then were either minor or eventually resolved themselves, so writing them down and then forgetting them was enough. Times were so different back then.

By the way, someone might be now confused about the “archive of official complaints” that I mentioned in my previous comment. Those are different from the Peacemongers’ writings which were all burned. Apparently quite a few of the citizens felt they wanted to also make their complaints “official”, so they wrote or drew them down by themselves and put them outside for everyone to see.