#129 Attack on Workbird

December 14, 2018
First they wanted to get rid of workbirds, now they want to stare at what that caused.


For generations, the workbirds ascended, building the tower to accommodate for the complex of huts rising around it.

The tower was not just for support. Upper floors were used for gardening and farming. Life was secluded and they eventually forgot about the ground-dwellers. Until one day...

...the jollyhoots arrived.

The workbirds had also forgotten that their tower was open to the public.
As their support tower turned into a jolly tourist trap, they decided to evacuate.



Gheralf says:

I can really feel it for the workbirds. Imagine a bunch of strangers suddenly ramming in through your front door, hooting all around and staring at your things. I think I will barricade our door tonight, just in case.


Vayandil says:

We have not found any hard evidence about how exactly the workbirds managed to live without any contact with the outside world, but it is very likely they took on gardening for food. Additionally, there are a couple of recounts from that era of people claiming to have seen suspiciously orderly groups of rats scurrying about the tower, which might indicate that they had been purposefully trained. It could be that someone in the tower had found a way to tame the yummy creatures for a constant source of food, so I included that theory into the comic. One can dream, at least.