#11 Babies

September 9, 2016
Nothing here but babies.



Gheralf says:

Did you know that babies do not have the ability to roll their eyes? We assume this is because their skulls are so tiny that there is no room for movement. They have to turn their whole head around to see. The ability of eye movement comes to them gradually after they learn to walk by themselves.

Also it takes quite some time before they learn that they do not have to close their eyes every time they try to grab something with their beak.


Vayandil says:

The over-protective parents are a familiar sight year round and more so in the city, so everyone is used to avoiding families with very young ankle-peckers. Many of the parents try to be smart and at least give a warning when people need to keep their distance. But being smart is not always a possibility, thus occasionally some unfortunate ones get snarled and puffed at.