#115 Back in Buffet

September 7, 2018
We take a walk around the city just to show you these amazing places that you already know of!


We have been away for so long. Better go check if anything has changed in the city!
Stately Tower maintains its position as the #1 attraction.

The lofty… Yup, they are still up there.

The hobos are recuperating from their Gathering.

Our neighbour has a new door decoration.
Hello, neighbour!


Gheralf says:

Nothing has changed! What a relief/disappointment!


Vayandil says:

And here I thought we get to make lots of exciting comics about all the changes that have happened in the city during our absence.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

SpiderForest has new members! Prepare to get some more reading goodness for the next few weeks!