#377 Bad News

September 8, 2023
I have bad news and bad news. Which one do you want first?


The boss of the spies, Top Hat, hiding inside a self-made bookshelf, describes an ongoing battle to Sharpie the detective and Tuple the guard. Sharpie is standing arms crossed, while Tuple is sitting in front of the shelf and cheering for their guard team.
Top Hat: “Team 1 has engaged the revolutionists! First encounter: unsuccessful! We lost some sticks!”
Sharpie: “Hmm.”
Tuple: “Oh no no no no…”

Top Hat keeps describing. Tuple starts shaking his hands excitedly.
Top Hat: “Wait! Now four guards have cornered one of them! Second encounter sounds promising!”
Sharpie: “Hmh.”
Tuple: “Yes yes yes yes!”

The next Top Hat's news are bad, to which both Sharpie and Tuple react strongly. Sharpie stomps his foot on the ground, Tuple breaks into tears, screaming up at the ceiling while holding his head between his hands.
Top Hat: “Nevermind! They lost their sticks too! We’re getting massacred!”
Sharpie: “Hol’ up! That makes no sense!”
Tuple: “Oh noooooooo!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Despite all the bad news, it sure seems like you guys are having fun.