#51 Banana Farm

June 16, 2017
This place has bananas, but the best ones are way over there.


This here is a banana farm. Trees have been planted and tied down to make harvesting efficient.

Unfortunately, one of the best trees has somehow been planted just barely in the greater owls' turf.

To this day that tree stands as a testament to their diligence.


Gheralf says:

How did they manage to plant the tree in the first place? We asked around, and there seemed to be as many stories as there were workers, so we do not know what to believe. Also, some time since we researched the farm, it seems that they have added a warning sign near the tree.

Big Sis seems to have quite a bit to say these days. She seems to like introducing all those pamphlets she has been bringing from... elsewhere.


Vayandil says:

The greater owls were revealed some time ago in comic #8. We have made no progress on getting to the owls' good side, so I hope you enjoyed this little story about the banana farm right next to their turf. Someday, we will continue our efforts to find out what it is the owls are hiding!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Being able to peek inside another person’s mind may sound like a favorable ability, but what if your neighbourhood had a person who could constantly hear what you think? What if you fell in love with that person?

In such a case, you may want to Think Before You Think. Or just go read the comic to know how it might turn out.

I might be repeating this many times in the future, but I really like characters who are very accepting and adaptive to situations, and this comic has a healthy dose of them.