#49 Boot Hurling

June 2, 2017
Of all the things we could be hurling, why boots?


Boot Hurling has been around since boots were invented. You take a boot, spin around and hurl it as far as you can.

Basic rules say: You have to rotate at least three times and not step over the official hurling circle.

After that, take a break. The judges will attempt to calculate the final score within a reasonable time.
Where reasonable stands for “less than the whole dang evening”.


Gheralf says:

I used to be pride of my neighbourhood at this particular competition in my younger days. But instead I ended up picking the pencil as the tool for my profession. Sometimes I wonder if life would be different had I kept practicing.

The rules have changed considerably since then. Back in the days, you just measured the throwing distance. Now there are all these judges. I hope we drew at least part of the formula correctly. We have no idea what it means, aside from the few numbers that appear in it.


Vayandil says:

I still have no idea how many judges there is supposed to be on the field. Their checkered shirts hurt my eyes and they run around so quickly that I always lose count. None of the contest officials seem to know either – or they do not want to tell for some stupid reason.

The boot hurling contest is especially popular among peddlers, who make a nice profit selling expensive novelty junk. I have to admit, though, that the official boot bananas look very tasty.

Oh, it seems Big Sis wants to say something.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Have you ever looked at a still picture of a landscape and felt like the grass there was slowly dancing in the wind? Or a picture of a room and you could swear you hear an old wooden clock ticking in the background?

Bits Fair can do that to you.

It’s a story of a seemingly peaceful place where it’s normal for young children to participate in duels to the death in an annual fair. They do this in order to get hired as some kind of mercenaries, and returning from the fair alive or without a job is seen as disgraceful. The naivety of those people reminds me of the feathery folk around here.

If any of this resonates with you and you aren't afraid of seeing a bit of blood, feel free to go check it out.