#32 Bringing In the Ice

February 3, 2017
Cold things need to be kept cold.


Ice needs to brought from faraway. It slowly melts into water, so cooling is needed during transportation.

The newest invention is a great cooling machine. It boasts whopping three manually operated heavy metal fans that blow air at the ice!

Now the ice didn’t even reach the city. What a waste of shiners!


Gheralf says:

Now we have started receiving letters from the masked vigilante’s fanclub... Don’t worry, he will be featured next week!

The cooling machine must have cost a pretty shiner. It seems that the Ice Cube Operationals attempted to use it many more times after the first failure, since the gate keeper’s log book has multiple records of “brought in a cold puddle of water”.


Vayandil says:

The city was out of ice for many weeks until the importing corporation finally made some new innovations. Firstly, they realised that using only two fans extended melting time significantly. Eventually, they got rid of all the fans and fired the operating personnel, lowering costs and maximizing ice cube size at the same time!