#273 Cacko’s Business Card

September 10, 2021
A simple business card is exchanged.


Stygian Lord: “Greetings, little one. What brings you to these parts?”

*Cacko brings up a business card.*

Stygian Lord: “A business card. How quaint.”

*Stygian Lord holds and reads the business card.*

Stygian Lord: “Cacko. Senior Assistant Reporter.”
Stygian Lord: “So, you’re here to investigate the area.”
Stygian Lord: “I see.”
Cacko: *nodding vigorously*

*Stygian Lord turns the business card around. Cacko looks very proud.*

Stygian Lord, thinking: “This is Cacko. If she has been taken away by a rampaging derby... please return her in good condition to... We are very worried about her... PS. She doesn’t like flowers very much.”
Stygian Lord: “Huh.”
*Cacko tilts head in confusion.*

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Looking at her, I can see why they would add a note like that.