#9 Cannon Fodder Festival

August 26, 2016
Surely many people systematically risking their lives is a thing worthy of celebration.


Different groups of people have their own traditional celebrations. In the warm season, there comes a day when the roads are littered with people lying on the streets.

This is the Cannon Fodder Festival. It is held to celebrate all the adventurers who are sent around the realm on various missions and crusades.

It’s very hard to get anything done with everybody just lying around, so Das Law has recognized this as a Lawful Lazyday.

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Gheralf says:

You could call this a relaxing celebration, but just lying around doing nothing for the whole day is actually pretty exhausting. It feels nice at first, but at some point you get this sudden urge to get up and do something. Your mind wanders and you come up with lots of things, and then you’ll want to go and write them down before you forget!

Also not everyone partakes in the celebration. There will be some people running about, so expect to get a boot to the face once or twice before the day is over.


Vayandil says:

This was a pretty straight-forward comic to draw. Since I have seen the Cannon Fodder Festival so many times already, I have a very good insight on what it looks like: lots of people lying on the ground. Most lie on their backs, some on their bellies, one or two maybe on their side.

I myself have not taken part in the celebrities for years now. The first two times I attended, I did it "the proper way" on the street, until I realised I could just as well crash on my comfy bed. And soon, I spent the day doing everything else but lying around.