#163 Captain of the Guard

August 9, 2019
Depicted here is the birth of a captain with no ship.


Suddenly the city had a surplus of guards, detectives and jesters applying Das Law wherever they could. It was a mess.

One night, a guard, a detective, and a jester were in a beverage establishment. A brainstorm ensued.
Guard: “I hate thinking! Someone just point me what to do!”
Detective: “...an organiser to guide us more logically, please.”
Jester: “A mascot! I’ve been asking for a mascot for years!”
Detective: “...how long have you been around again?”
Jester: “For years!”

That night, they left the establishment with a resolute vision:

The cornerstone for law and order.
Captain of the Guard!



Gheralf says:

When we started finding stuff about DLEP’s history, there was only one thing I specifically wanted to know.

Why is it called “Captain of the GUARD”?

I am pleased to inform you all that we have found zero answers to that question.


Vayandil says:

WHAT? Zero can't be an answer! How can I sleep at night if the real answer is never found?! Maybe outside holds what I seek...