#46 Card for a Competitor

May 12, 2017
This seems like a shady way to stay in business.


Our wise readers have surely noticed a theme around the popular card games: one of mass destruction.

This keeps the local Card-makers happy and in business. Clever fellows.

Someone even tried to market a new type that was called “slab cards”.
We really should stop trying to implement stone into everything.


Gheralf says:

There sure was a lot of chaff in that cardhouse we went to for research. But as we returned the next day, it was all gone! We tried to spy them through the night to see what happens to all those leftovers, but strangely enough, the cardhouses seem to be some of the only buildings in the Slums that actually have solid walls.


Vayandil says:

Card making is a flourishing business, so there are a lot of medians flooding the market with their versions of cards - and sometimes they are trying out new innovations. Actually, majority of the chips that pour into our Outer City are brought by Card-makers. Because of them, the money vanishes from the Slums quite quickly. And then we throw all the chips back to the hobos and the cycle begins anew.