#41 Cards for Games

April 7, 2017
When you have too much free time, you grow a tendency to play card games.


Hobos have many pastimes. Playing cards is one of them.

Games are played for fun, money and honor. But mostly for money. Many hobos earn their daily wage this way.

Cheating also happens. In fact, hiding cards in one’s beak and spitting them out at strategic parts became so common that it spawned its own game.
It is appropriately named “Blah”.


Gheralf says:

Here it begins. The card playing chapters! I think it was important that we introduced chips first, so that you do not have to tilt your head while pondering what those blocks on the table are. But before chips, it felt necessary to introduce shiners, and then Big Sis suddenly moved in...

And so we are a bit behind the schedule.

As a side note, Big Sis seems to have brought in quite a few multi-paged pamphlets! They seem to be comics about some kind of non-feathery creatures we have not seen before.


Vayandil says:

We had managed to store a lot of chips for our data-gathering adventure in the Slums. And then we lost them all by playing card games! The hobos must be very talented in such games, because they have nothing else to do. Or they simply cheat. I think we lost about 280 chips, which is equal to 2.80 shiners or a tiny packet of mini-bug snacks.