#64 Carrying Out New Laws

September 15, 2017
After information comes implementation.


Now that the gofer has brought back new changes to Das Law, it is time to implement them.

This gives the DLEP a lot of things to do for a while.

After the initial frenzy, everybody is bored again.
And so, a new gofer shall be plucked.


Gheralf says:

There are some laws that only need to be put to place only once (such as demolishing a certain building) and others that need to be maintained from thereon (like banning the licking of lollipops in public).

But regardless of the type, DLEP tends to enforce the laws very strictly only for a short while. After fetching a new batch of laws, they seem to be too busy with those to care about the old ones.


Vayandil says:

So much stuff happening on every panel... Hopefully I managed to draw the images so that you can see clearly at least some of the details. This comic was fun to draw, at least, because there definitely is no shortage in the craziness the DLEP comes up with regularly.