#168 Cattle Menace

September 13, 2019
Herbivores: a threat to all herb and bananakind!


We regret to inform that our trip has started with a minor setback: the loss of our trusty steed!

This just in! Our food resources are being attacked by a bunch of local herbivores!

We are now fleeing from the menace, using our vast experience in outsmarting our opponents!
Vayandil: “Shoo! These bananas are not real! They are just an illuuuusion.”


Gheralf says:

Cacko must be having the time of her life, being hurled around in the air like that.

Go, Cacko!


Vayandil says:

Poor Cacko must be terrified being hauled to who-knows-where by our haphazard yellow belly! Let us hope she holds on tight like I instructed, so that she will not get riding sickness.