#28 Chair of Zap

January 5, 2017
You may not want to sit on that chair. But if you do, then hold on tight!


How to use the Chair of Zap to whisk yourself to a faraway location.
1. Climb onto a high hill with your chair. Position it near a slope.

2. Sit on the chair and push with your feet to glide down.

NOTE. Do not forget to secure yourself using the provided safety belt.


Gheralf says:

The shopkeeper became very dodgy when inquired about how you choose where you want the chair to take you. He just kept saying to point it at the right direction.

Also I think that he had modified the darn thing himself to make it look more stylish. I am pretty sure I saw the tooting horn flying off as he hightailed down the hill.


Vayandil says:

Quite a sight it was, the shopkeeper demonstrating the usage of the chair to us. Hopefully my drawings will convey at least some of the wonder.