#204 Chicken Across the Road

May 22, 2020
Let sleeping chickens lie.


Phew. The village was not a goner after all. Our derby was just disoriented and took us to the edge of the plain. Time for manual steering!
Hmm? What the..?

A chicken of the plains! Stepping on them brings bad luck (and may traumatise your steed)!

We do not want our trusty steed to freak out again. Time for silent maneuvering!

Baby no!


Gheralf says:

We really need to educate our complimentary chick.

How can you mistake a chicken’s comb for a worm?!


Vayandil says:

We should not repeat the unfortunate mishap we had at the start of this journey (featured in the comic #167). We just got back to our planned route and everything was going well!