#311 Chicky and One Step

June 3, 2022
A small step for Chicky, one thousand one hundred sixty three steps for everybody else.


A town scene with simple wooden houses. In the distance, an owl person wearing a kettlepan on their head is running along a road, towing their child in a kettle attached to a rope. Further back, Chicky Fluffballs, a ball-shaped, long-legged, giant bird creature is looking at the poor owl running away.

Same town scene as in the previous picture. The kettlepan owl has made their way through the town and is now running in the foreground of the scenery. Chicky is taking a long step with her long leg.

Still the same town scene as in the first picture. Chicky has stepped into the foreground as well. She is happily looking down at the kettlepan owl, who screeches to a halt. The child in the kettle is pulling forward because of the sudden stop.

“Hello. Did you know you can be an official citizen of Buffet?”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Yes, Chicky, you are big. No need to flaunt it.