#310 Chicky and Stares

May 27, 2022
That’s cute. And not horrifying at all.


A bird's view of a giant fluffy bird creature, Chicky Fluffballs, staring down at standing owl people. On the left, an owl and their child staring back at Chicky. They are wearing kettlepans on their heads; the child is sitting in a pot attached to their parent by a rope. On the right, a cob artist trying to fix a statue is staring at Chicky too.

The kettlepan owl turns their head to look at the cob artist. The cob artist stares back.

The previous stares repeat, camera zooming in on their faces.

Another zoom in, extreme close-up of their faces. The drawing lines are sketchy and intense.

Low angle shot of a speedy escape scene. The kettlepan owl running to the left, pulling their child with them. The child's ride, pot is clanging violently. The cob artist is running to the right and screaming. Chicky shaking her head left and right, surprised by the sudden running and noises.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Did you two just communicate using your eyes?

Apparently, a sense of danger brings up hidden abilities in people.