#313 Chicky and the Bell

June 17, 2022
For whom does the bell ring? For Chicky!


A giant ball-shaped bird, Chicky Fluffballs lies on her side, on top of a house that is slightly bending under her weight. Two pairs of eyes are looking out from the house, watching the giant bird. A small sound of a bell can be heard.

Same shot as before. The bell sound is a bit louder now. Chicky and the eyes inside the house turn to look at the direction the sound is coming from.

Chicky running towards the source of the sound in the distance: a carriage with a bell ringing, being pulled by ostrich-like birds. She has left a pile of her down on top of the house. A silhouette of Sharpie the undercover detective in the foreground, having a realisation.
Sharpie: “So tha’s it.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

That, it is.