#309 Chicky and the Cob

May 20, 2022
Here is Chicky. There is cob. Now shake.


A giant ball-shaped bird, Chicky Fluffballs staring eerily at a pair of owl characters: a child and a parent with both of them wearing kettlepans.
SFX: Whack… whack… whack… SNAP! THUNK!


Same image as the first one, but all the characters are now staring out of the panel, towards the source of the sounds.

A broken statue of an owl person standing in a weird position. The statue has been repaired sloppily with nailed boards, yarn and suspenders. The head and the left arm holding a sword have fallen down. An artist wearing a stained apron has frozen in place, about to strike a nail with a hammer to repair the statue.

Zooming out of the previous scene, we see Chicky staring at the artist and his repair project. The artist is startled by the stare. The kettlepan owls are also staring at the artist in the foreground.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Don’t ask me about the maintenance costs for that statue.

There are things even I don’t want to know.