#312 Chicky and the House

June 10, 2022
An open door! Salvation!


Owl with a pan on their head is running towards an open door of a house. The owl is pulling their child on a kettle that clacks from side to side behind them. The owner of the house is standing in front of a bush and watering it with a very broken watering device. The device looks like an ancient vacuum cleaner. There's a giant bird creature, Chicky Fluffballs in the upper corner watching the events.

The door closes violently as the kettlepan owl gets inside. The owner turns their head, wondering what the noise was.

Zoomed out shot of the whole house. Chicky, with her long legs, is hovering over the house and watching down at it, wondering where the kettlepan owls had vanished. The kettlepan's eyes can be seen in a dark window, looking back at Chicky. The owner of the house notices the giant bird in horror.

Same angle as before. Chicky has climbed to perch on top of the house, looking down very confused. The owner's house is running away in a zig-zag pattern, dropping parts of their outfit and the watering device in the process.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Chicky can be quite gentle when she wants to be.

Imposing, but gentle.