#321 Chicky’s Dance Candidate

August 12, 2022
Do the twist!


Giant ball-shaped and long-legged bird, Chicky Fluffballs is staring at a tower made of jesters standing on top of each other. On top of the tower stands Yacker the jester, pointing at the sky with his finger.
Yacker: “Ooh, now I believe I have it! So... #66-y’all!”

Same shot as before. The tower of jesters is walking to the right, wobbling and leaning in a dangerous angle.

Same shot still. The tower has made a U-turn and is now walking to the left. Its wobble intensifies and is no leaning in an angle that defies the laws of gravity.

View turns behind Chicky and the jester tower, showing the city silhouette.
Yacker: “Okay! Then… #19-y’all! #8-y’aaall!”
A noisy and intense run ensues: the jester tower zig-zagging off into the distance, almost falling in many occasions.
Jesters in unison: “Chip! Quick! Quick! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Who cooks for you?! Purty-purty-purty! AAAAAA!”

Chicky's face is shown in close up, revealing her delighted smile and wide eyes. Streams of bird pictographs and notes surround her.
Chicky: “AA!”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

I foresee dancing in the future.

And destruction.

Caused by said dancing.