#39 Chip Out Festival

March 24, 2017
Chips are pretty much only good for tossing out.


Due to merchants who do business in the Slums, all the chips flow into Outer City and get exchanged for shiners. The rubbish that they are, the chips need to be redistributed back into the Slums.

To do that, we have the Chip Out Festival. First, the Chip Exchange Operationals deals bags of chips to us medians.

Then we gather by the walls to dispose of them.
There are a lot of hobos waiting.


Gheralf says:

I like to aim my chips at the particularly sad-looking hobos. We medians rarely get in touch with the hobos, so this feels like a time when everybody comes together. Granted, there is very little actual communication.

Most festivals are seasonal, but the Chip Out Festival is held pretty much whenever the Chip Exchange Operationals runs out of room for storing them. You will know when the time is nigh by the loud thud coming very accurately from the side of your door.


Vayandil says:

The Chip Out Festival is a fun and educational event for kids and adults alike. In addition to being allowed to throw rubbish as hard as they can, the children get to see a variety of people who inhabit the Slums. And I get reference material for drawing some chips.