#67 Claiming Mystery Property

October 6, 2017
If you abandon something, it might no longer be yours (until you prove otherwise).


Anybody can try to claim ownership to the abandoned mystery property.

Next, you have to file a lot of paperwork as proof. Even if you are the real owner.

Finally, the detectives compare your proof with their profiles.
Too bad every item might have a different profile.

Ever wanted to become a barker? Here is your chance!


Gheralf says:

With how much work all this “profiling” seems to be, one might think the detectives would be happier to just hand the property to the first person willing to take it. Too bad it is not that simple. You have to obey the rules, after all.

Alternatively you can just wait until the detectives are done with their work, but that might not only take a prolonged period of time, but also the detectives may ship your property to a bunch of unknown people based on their educated guesses.


Vayandil says:

Lesson to be learned here: do not leave your stuff lying around if you are planning to keep them. Some people do not seem to realize this and so, every now and then there will be mystery property to be profiled by the poor detectives. Makes one wonder if someone wants to get rid of their stuff in this specific way.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Our community is growing, so there’s a new batch of comics around. Prepare to get a bunch of introductions every single week from now.

This week’s theme is hidden and magical worlds! Just to get one thing out of the way, all three are utterly beautiful to look at, so I won’t be mentioning that in any of the descriptions separately. If you don’t believe me on that, click those links to get a taste of it yourself.

Heart of Keol

Timely World Travelers! If you like long comics with pretty pictures, even prettier boys and the prettiest lights you’ll ever see, then here’s one for you. Heart of Keol a story of one giant boy meets pseudo-feudal-fantasy-Korea-with-plant-benders, that manages to be both heart-wrenching and utterly silly at the same time.

Tistow: Small Trolls

Forest Trolls! Tistow is about two boys who get to experience the wonders and dangers of the forest. If you like your comics with a slower pace, taking time to absorb all the small details, then you’ll certainly love this.

Children of Eldair

Starry Sorcery! Unravel the mystery of a seemingly fatally wounded and mentally broken girl as a sorcerer goes to explore her past in the longest flashback. Children of Eldair is like reading a mystery novel that drops you clues gradually. Also the makers like adding short witty comments to each page.