#95 Climb a Familiar Hill

April 20, 2018
Equipped with the wisdom of purported proverbs, we start climbing.


“To see yonder, perch your silly butt upon high vantage,” some old hoot probably said somewhere.

Hmm, there is something oddly familiar about this place.

Oh, it’s the Active Volcano!
We should find the old hoot and tell them to revise their proverb.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

I got my package!

I had to cause a little bit of mass panic to get it.

And maybe throw one guy into a glup vat.

And get scolded by the DLEP officers for being a public menace.

But I got my package!

Huh, there seems to be something that I didn’t order.

What is this thing? A hat?

Might as well fill it with fun stuff!

Big thanks to whomever sent it!