#406 Clogged Exit

March 29, 2024
There’s no going through Protocol #31.


A pair of guards attempt to pull their hypnotized colleague away from blocking the exit from the tower room. There are many, many more hypnotized guards blocking the hole. Sharpie stand back, waving his hand frantically.
Guard: “What you guys doing? You’re compromising the protocol!”
Sharpie: “Switch to Protocol #81! Slap sum sense to ‘em if ya hafta!”

The guards manage to pull their colleague off, revealing a tiny little open hole in the exit.
Guard: “We did it!”
Sharpie: “Stop celebratin’! Protocol #81! Quickly!”

Two new guards appear in front of the newly opened spot, somehow floating in the air at the same time. The couple of sane guards look hopelessly at the development, as the pulled off guard, still hypnotized, keeps saluting on the ground. Sharpie looks a bit defeated too.
Hypnotised guards: “Keeptender is word!”
Sharpie: “Hmm...”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Protocol #81 would be “Unclog that pathway.”

Also, I have a gut feeling that Lord of the Realm is looking for fan mail.

Feel free to indulge. You know the address.