#379 Close-Quarters Combat

September 22, 2023
CQC stands for what? Look at the title. CQC stands for that.


Sharpie the detective stands frustrated, Tuple the guard is devastated for some reason. Smugastut the guard arrives to the scene, stretching after a good nap.
Sharpie: “What. Is. Happening?! We got the numbers. The revolutionists shouldn’na be this overwhelming!”

Sharpie scratches his head in thought as Tuple and Smugastut stop to look at each other, confused by something Sharpie says.
Sharpie: “Four guards with basic CQC training should handle a’least one of ‘em easy! What am I missin’ here?”

Same shot as previous. Sharpie opens his eyes in response to Tuple and Smugastut's talk.
Smugastut: “Cee-Kewwww what?”
Tuple: “Ooh! We have a secret magic spell?!”

Same shot as previous. Sharpie turns his face at the pair of guards, who keep fantasizing.
Smugastut: “We’re gonna blast them away!”
Tuple: “We’re so cool!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

You know exactly what you’re missing, Sharpie.