#197 Combat Derby Outfitter

April 3, 2020
Designing scary things is a scary thing.


This is Hekkawip, the sharp “combat designer” of the Burrows! Despite the title, her expertise lies solely on outfits (instead of battle strategies or fighting moves).

Her work is very stressful. Not because of the workload, but due to the horrors she has to carve every day. She aspires to make the Burrows’ combat derbies the scariest force imaginable!

And that is why she takes regular naps. Naps are the best! They allow an escape from all the scary things. Just look how calm she is!


Gheralf says:

Naps are good for the body and the mind. They also make your creativity flow. No wonder Hekkawip does such a good job!

Hekkawip doesn’t see many guests. Apparently, all the scary in her burrow is a bit too much for everyone else.


Vayandil says:

I do not remember seeing so many masks in the historical battle reenactment (see the battle featured in comic #185), so we asked Hekkawip about that. Apparently she has just started “Mask every derby!” project, which aims for every derby to wear a mask for the next battle. She believes that wearing masks en masse could be effective against the enemy.