#143 Concerned Opinion

March 21, 2019
After the disaster is a good time to state your opinion.


Blargh-Glurg-Urp was a disaster that could have been prevented if the Peacemongers had done their jobs!

In my last village we had elders doing their duty for generations and nothing like this ever happened. Nobody got stranded to alien lands!

The lazy Peacemongers couldn't even bother to fix the wall even though they know the outsiders are waiting to stampede in!
Please share this message to prevent future fiascos! And buy my book!

Signed: C.C. a.k.a. ConcernedCitizen



Vayandil says:

Only one text among various other records and memoirs of the time criticised the Peacemongers' work after the great flood. A very good contrast with the mood all the other statements convey, so we decided to put the complaint into the comic.