#165 Conclusive Authority

August 23, 2019
Authority takes many forms. This form is conclusive.


The two prime authorities stand against each other. What will happen?!

They are heading out! Are they going to fight? Who will reign supreme?!

It’s a truce.

A truce that would last until the modern day.

And that, dear readers…

… is all you need to know about the word ‘jollyhoot’!
(...and Peacemongers and DLEP and guards and jesters and Piffs and Buffet and hobos and Das Law.)

Test will be next week!

Or it would be, but while down in the archives, we found some tickets for an “exotic and adventurous do-it-yourself trip”.

And they’re expiring soon! We need to prepare!



Gheralf says:

We’re climbing back up as I speak– I mean write!


Vayandil says:

Goodbye, dust fluffies! Your hero returns home – and then embarks on another adventure!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

There’s this awesome owly game in Kickstarter called Down Ward, and it looks like they could use some help!

If you think owls and games are a good match, why not check it out?