#21 Counting the Lords

November 18, 2016
There was a good system in place, but then this one person died. Now the system is kind of broken...

Gheralf says:

I am not exactly sure if knowing the exact number is that important, but as someone who is doing his best in recording our history, I can understand the feeling of wanting to preserve old information.

The scholar-pioneers are our problem solvers, but they don’t exactly like being communicated with. It is rather troublesome actually...


Vayandil says:

I drew the poor Count-bearer in a generic stone-walled room, because no one seems to know anymore where her body was found – along with loads of paper and empty ink bottles. One would assume she must have stayed close to the Lord as much as possible, because he or she would get overthrown at any moment.

Now I am wondering how she handled a situation where many people fought over the title so that it changed owners every second...