#172 Crab Navigation

October 11, 2019
When you don’t know how to use a map, place your trust on a guide instead.


Crab monster: “‘Sup?”

Crab monster: “BLAAARGHH”


Gheralf says:

My ears are still ringing from all the clacking. Where is this place?


Vayandil says:

Oh no, now our Map Navigator Gheralf is confused! The map's instructions specifically said to not read it in darkness, for then getting lost will occur.

Now we are lost.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Third and last batch of new SpiderForest members incoming! Here's a whole lot of fascinating alien worlds and characters!

Ice Massacre: Badass warrior girls, deadly mermaids, and a forbidden romance.

Aloe: Strange science and sarcastic robots.

Alethia: Robots who've been abandoned by their Creators struggle to find meaning in life.

Millennium: Space, Love, and a Whole Lotta Action.