#178 Crab Origins

November 22, 2019
Today: hats and crabs, and origins.


We have made a discovery of the century!

Remember all those hatted crabs with tiny shoes that scamper about in Buffet?
(Actually, we haven’t drawn them that much. They are so common that we tend to forget them...)

Anyway! We may have discovered where they come from! Let us visit a nearby river...





Gheralf says:

We rested the night at the ranch, and as I went to take a morning dip... Lo and behold! Out comes the grandma with a barrow full of legs and claws!


Vayandil says:

The crab highlights are from comic #66 and comic #74.

The next question will be why she is doing this. No matter how much we interview, she does not speak a word, so we are left to simply sit and observe what happens next.