#26 Curiosity Shops

December 23, 2016
You want magical thingamajigs? We got plenty of those!


Curiosity shops sell strange and magical items found from around the realm.

Most of the items are just trinkets that show simple illusions, but you can also make remarkable discoveries. The latter tend to get dragged off the shelves immediately…

... despite the risks that may come with owning items of unknown magical properties.


Gheralf says:

There are several curiosity shops. At least two that wander around the realm and stop by Buffet at times, and one that permanently resides in the Stately Tower.

I once saw an endless parchment on sale. It never runs out of writing space. Very useful for people like us who spend a lot of paper for writing and drawing. Yet I refrained from buying it as I was aware of what other dangers it might possess. Also the darn thing cost a small fortune.


Vayandil says:

The merchant was more than happy to stand right in front of my face, so I got a good look at his features. Hence the big and detailed picture of him in the first panel.