#315 Dance Partner Explained

July 1, 2022
So much explaining, so little understanding.


A bird's eye view at wooden houses that are covered in heaps of down. A roof of one of the houses is also broken. Five owl people walk down the street. From left to right: Sharpie the undercover detective, who is saying something; Tuple the guard, unknown guard, second unknown guard and Smugastut the guard.

We zoom in on the group of characters. Sharpie is leading the way and waving his hand in an attempt to explain a thing to the other guards.
Sharpie: “...tha’s what a “dance partner” means. Gedit now?”
Guards in unison: “Oooooh!”

Same shot as before. Sharpie has turned his face towards his running direction, while the others walk behind him in silence.

Same shot still.
Tuple thinking: “I still don’t get it.”
Unknown guard thinking: “Can’t you just dance alone?”
Second unknown guard thinking: Picture of a ball-shaped bird and an owl person wiggling their legs in dance.
Smugastut thinking: “Yeeeeah, what?”
Sharpie thinking: “...gotta stop wastin’ my clacks on these guys.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Remember, you are the one who chooses what kind of people you work with.

Choose wisely.