#61 Das Attendant

August 25, 2017
All new laws are checked and kept in this place.


Only Piffs can create new laws. They must first write the law on a note.

The note must be brought to Das Attendant, who makes sure that it follows regulations.

If everything is in order, the law is added.
Thanks to the strings, it is theoretically still a single tome.

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Vayandil says:

I really wanted to be able to depict the whole book in a single image, but alas, I failed. I sketched a lot on site, but after having worked the book itself, the notes on the book, the wall behind the book, the wall next to the book and the ceiling above the book, I realised there were still two other walls AND the footnote compartment behind the pedestal! So, I had to give up on capturing it all in one image. Oh well, maybe I get a chance to show some more of the details in the upcoming comics.


Gheralf says:

The keeper of Das Office has been wise to spread the new laws across the room. Imagine if he had been sticking them all inside the book itself. It would probably be about to burst!

The notes added to Das Law (and the many strings coming from it) stick together using a thing called "glue", which is yet another fantastic thing to come from bananas.