#383 Das Attendant Needs Hands

October 20, 2023
Here’s the hands.


Sharpie the detective, riding on Smugastut's shoulders, speeds past Das Attendant.
Das Attendant: “Sharpie! Can you please assign one guard to help us? Belli needs her juridical snack break, and she’s all tied up with our proje–”
Sharpie: “Sit there! I have somewhere to be!”

Das Attendant stands confusedly. Tuple the guard is sitting on the floor just beside Das Attendant.
Das Attendant: “I can’t sit yet. It’s not my break, it’s Belli’s...”

Same shot as before. Tuple turns their eyes at Das Attendant.
Tuple: “Hello! I’m assigned to general all-purpose help duty!”
Das Attendant: “Oh, good! I hope you’re nimble?”
Tuple: “I’m unstable, they say! Does that count?”
Das Attendant: “Sounds close enough!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Getting ignored by Sharpie?

I know that feeling all too well.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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