#348 Das Attendant Receives News

February 17, 2023
Here’s some news. Please stop being so dramatic about it.


Stygian Lord's words echo in the void.
Stygian Lord: “...and the total annihilation of Das Law!”

An owl person, wearing a long coat, a “Talk to me” pin on it and a decorational feather on his forehead, stands frozen solid in terror.
Description: Attilem Stringtoe, Das Attendant of Das Law.

View zooms out of shocked Attilem, showing Tuple and Smugastut the guards, as well as Sharpie the detective standing behind the reception counter. Tuple and Smugastut as munching on Attilem's fried bugs.
Tuple: “Wowh, nice impreshion!”
Smugastut is surrounding their head with arms to demonstrate a serious hooded figure that Stygian Lord is.
Sharpie: “DLEP’s here, but we dunno what tricks those guys got. Das Law may not be safe here.”

Attilem turns to walk towards a tome on a stone pedestal. It is Das Law, old and busted. An innumerable amount of pieces of paper are attached to the wall around Das Law, and many of them are connected together and to the tome by strings.
Sharpie: “Attie, you’re our expert. What do we gotta do?”
Das Attendant: “I... I must consult Das Law.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Oh, I have many tricks. You’ll get to see them in time.

But before that, let’s take a while to observe the incredible system that these numbskulls are protecting from us.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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