#350 Das Attendant Returns

March 3, 2023
He’s back, and the buggers are still there.


Das Attendant stands in front of the law book, Das Law, in the distance. Sharpie the detective keeps an eye on Das Attendant, while Tuple and Smugastut the guards have finished a bowl of delicious fried bugs.

Das Attendant leaves the book and approaches the detective and the guards. He has very shocked expression.
Sharpie: “How’d it go?”
Tuple: “More Crispibuggers, please.”
Tuple: “Yes, please.”

Das Attendant's shocked expression persists as he addresses Sharpie.
Das Attendant: “I... need to pack. And catalogue. And get paid. And move. But not in that order.”
Tuple: “More, please.”
Smugastut: “Buggers, please.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

The Crispibuggers are gone.

Yet, three buggers remain.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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