#160 Das Beginning

July 19, 2019
It’s a README.txt for lawkeepers and citizens alike.


And so the citizens suddenly found themselves at the Peacemongers/DLEP headquarters. At the end of the long line lay their newest authority:

**Das Law**

Citizen: This part is strange. Why should we need to keep a logbook of our tools?
Other citizen: ... What’s a logbook?

Guard: Everyone! Start logging your books with your tools!
Other guard: YEAH!
Some other guard: Tools!
Yet another guard: Logboooks!
Citizen: Oh dear...



Gheralf says:

I found a stick and some string, so I made a duster from my preened feathers. Now I can clean up this place! (OvO)b


Vayandil says:

Don't worry, my dust fluffy friends! I won't let the claw of Das Law nor the feathered menace near you! I'll fence off the corner I call my home and we'll all be safe until we get out of here!