#58 Das Law

August 4, 2017
I don’t understand some of these rules, so they must not be important.


What exactly is this “Das Law” that keeps popping up? Well, it started like most other things.

However, it was very convoluted and hard to understand. Somebody decided to write down only the parts that made sense.

And that is how Das Law was born.
It has seen many changes throughout the ages.


Gheralf says:

Das Law and some things surrounding it are pretty complicated, so expect to see quite a few more comics about it.


Vayandil says:

Only legends remain of what the original Das Law looked like, but most common description is that it was “thick as heck”. Many people over the years have even claimed to possess a piece of the original, showing a pile of paper shred in their hand. Anyway, it may have been a very thick book, so that is what I drew.