#54 Das Law Enforcement Party

July 7, 2017
The peacekeeping is generally done by these peacekeepers.


Somebody needs to ensure that Das Law is being followed. To fulfill this job, we have the DLEP, commanded by the Captain of the Guard.

The party consists of three teams: guards who guard places, detectives who deduce things…

...and jesters, who make sure the common folk stay distracted.
This allows the guards and detectives to do their jobs.


Gheralf says:

I have always wondered. Why is the leader of the party called “Captain of the Guard”? Why not “Captain of the Detective” or “Captain of the Jester”? Maybe the guards were there first and they have not realised to update the title? Who knows.


Vayandil says:

According to a persistent rumor, all the jesters originally worked in Stately Tower. Why they have been relocated to serve the DLEP, no one knows, so we suppose it happened quite a few generations ago. We will try to look into this matter, but for now we can only say that there are no jesters in the Tower and that they are now among us, distracting people when DLEP sees fit.

In comic #15 we introduced a fellow named Sharpie. Well, we did some more research on him and found out he was actually a detective in DLEP. That is why we put him in this comic, deducing and pointing at people like he used to.